RV Safety Inspection

If you feel good about the condition of your unit but want to make sure it is safe for your family, we offer a professional RV safety Inspection.  It covers   items listed below as well as other things.  This inspection is priced at $250 for all types of equipment.  Call for details.

  • Perform and document LP gas timed leak test at cook-top burner spud for 5 minutes at 8 inches of water column gas pressure

  • Test the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuits in the 6 foot range of the water areas of the bathroom, kitchen and exterior receptacles

  • Test all wall receptacles for correct polarity and ground fault

  • Test the exterior  for a hot skin condition that would cause electrical shock

  • Emergency Exit Windows – Verify all safety windows are operational

  • Fire Extinguisher – Verify unit is secure in bracket and dial indicates extinguisher is fully charged

  • Smoke/Fire Detector –Test and verify operation of unit and document expiration date of detector

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector (if applicable) – Test and verify operation of unit and document expiration date of detector

  • LP Gas Detector – Verify gas detection and audio alarm and document expiration date of detector

  • Verify the rubber grommet is properly sealed around LP gas line of water heater

  • Verify dates on LP tanks to make sure they comply

  • Verify dates of tire manufacturing, and tire pressure.

  • Test and verify that all 12 lights are working.

  • Test and verify that all 120 VAC is operating as designed.

  • Perform a high level observation of roof and sealants to make sure they are not failing

RV 1 on 1

 If you are new to RV'ing or even have questions on how things work on your RV we have a solution.  We can come to your unit and spend a couple of hours answering your questions as well as demonstrating how things work  Our fee for this is $150 for 2 hours at your RV.  If more time is needed our fee is $55 per hour .