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Congratulations on your RV purchase! Part of the RV experience is going through a Pre-Delivery consultation where you learn how to operate everything in the coach.  I suspect that the first-time you camp, amnesia sets in and there are things that may have been forgotten…  Listed below are some of the questions I have heard from past clients.

How do I level the coach?

Do I level first and then put the slides out or visa-versa?

Where are the switches that control the slides?

How do I set up my sewer?

How do I hook up my municipal fresh water?

Do I leave the black water valve open, or what about the Gray water tank?

Can I run all my Air Conditioning units at the same time?

How do I know if my sewer/ freshwater tanks are full?

How do I empty them?

Where does the power cord hook up?

Is this coach 50 or 30 amp?

How do I start the furnace, or hot water heater?

Where/how do I put the awning(s) down?

Do I have a residential or RV refrigerator?

Where are the batteries kept?

What is the difference between a chassis and house battery?

Does my coach have solar panels?


The questions above are just some of the things we cover when we do a New Owner Consultation.  This takes about 2 hours, and we go over the items above and more.  We do these for motorized coaches as well as towable.  You can take video as we go so you can refer back to it when you need to.  If this is something you would be interested in, please Contact Us for a price quote.

Image of a Motorcoach
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