Fluid Analysis

How do you know that the RV you are considering purchasing or own is operating correctly?  We suggest a Fluid Analysis!  It is like a blood test that we would take only it is for your RV.  We take a simple collection of  the fluids requested and send off to the lab for analysis.. We currently offer analysis for engine oil, transmission fluid, Coolant, and generator fluids.  The results come back with a level of severity grade between 0 ( everything is fine) to 4, help needed soon.  

The coolant data shows that the coolant system has more possible issues than the other fluids.  This information could keep you from buying a potential "lemon" or give you bargaining power.  

We take the samples and send them FedEx.  The samples are then processed and you should have results within 5-7 working day although most of the time is much sooner.  If the desire is to have the results back quicker the client can pay $30 per sample to get the results back overnight.  To see what a Fluids report looks like click here for a sample report.

Fluid Analysis Fees