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Wouldn't  you want to see what kind of shape your potential RV is in?  You wouldn't buy a stick built house without having an inspection done, so why buy an RV without?  After all, an RV is like your house only mobile!

Buying an RV is a large investment., and folks typically make their decision on what they see (aesthetics)  That's where we can help!  Perhaps your warranty is just about up.  We can do an inspection for you with a detailed list of issues to give to your dealer so they can be repaired while still under warranty.

It is important to know the actual condition of your unit before you sign on the dotted line.  While doing our inspections, we visually examine over 300 items so we are able to get a good idea of the condition of the unit.  We also take up to 75 images and/or videos depending on which inspection you choose.  The information gained from that inspection is then transferred to a report writer which takes the results and melts the results with images and videos shot during the process.

The goal of the inspection is to give the potential new owner a candid view, top to bottom with a written verification of the results.   These results can then be used to negotiate a better deal, get the items repaired, or possibly walk from the deal.At the end of the inspection the RV Inspector will discuss with the potential buyer what was found at a high level and possible next steps.  DJs RV services performs inspections utilizing the NRVIA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

You are welcome to be present the day of the inspection if you wish.  Please keep in mind that the inspection is a very tedious process taking five or more hours to complete.  With that in mind, minimizing interruptions will help us maintain the high quality of the inspection that you are expecting.  The RV Inspector will set up a call when the inspection is completed to de-brief client as to findings.  The written  report will then be made available to the client as early as the next day. It is important for the client to read the report very carefully to see if there are any questions that may bubble up while reading it. 

DJ's RV Services pricing is based on state and local conditions.  If you are interested in learning more about an inspection on your vehicle contact us via e-mail, phone, or click here.

Inspection Requirements
  • Running Water

  • Appropriate electrical service

  • Dry level parking area

  • Keys to all parts of the RV including the engine

  • Sewage hook up if possible.  Certain areas may not be inspected  otherwise.

  • Remotes for all entertainment item.

  • The refrigerator should be running at least 12 hours prior to the inspection if possible.

  • Notebook containing all pertinent paperwork from the unit.

  • The owner of the inspection will be the only person who receives a report from DJs RV services.  DJ's RV Services will not reveal results of the inspection to anyone other than the owner unless the owner requests us to do so.  We will share information on hazards that we uncover during the course of the inspection that may endanger the occupants safety.  The report will be delivered via e-mail as soon as the report is ready, usually within 24 hours or less.

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