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Customer Comments

Read what our customers are saying about their experience with DJs RV Services LLC.

I work at a major RV dealership in Grand Rapids, MI, and I recommend DJ's RV Service to anyone looking at a pre-owned RV and want third part assurance of the condition of the RV. He does a very in-depth inspection and testing and gives both myself and the potential RV buyer confidence in the product they are considering and helps bring to light any potential issues. I highly recommend DJ's RV Service, especially if you are buying something used from a private party.  Corey C12-22


It was a pleasure dealing with Dave. He performed a thorough review of all aspects of our 2019 Tiffin. He provided us with a very detailed report of his finding which we were able to use in negotiating with the dealer. His detailed inspection gave us comfort in our purchasing process and some added confidence that we would have trouble free miles heading home.

John D 5-22


We are selling our coach and Dave came and inspected it. I can not say enough about what a great experience it was for us as sellers. He was prompt and very respectful of our coach. I told him there were a couple things that were important to me as he was inspecting ie…. How we plugged and unplugged shore power and turning on the generator on and off. He was very courteous about that process along with other things during the inspection. If I were buying a coach and looking for an inspector Dave would be top of my list.

Jason S 4-22


We are looking at a 2018 Newmar New Aire and contacted DJs RV Services LLC to do an inspection. Dave Kuiper was on time & spot-on, examining every detail of this complicated machine. The current owner mentioned to me that he had two separate inspections the coach prior to his purchase and “Neither of these were as thorough as Dave”. I was able to ask Dave questions throughout the process and received a full written report the same day. I think Dave can be a valuable tool in the decision process if you are purchasing an RV. There’s a lot of moving parts on these rigs and it’s great to have an experienced neutral perspective.
Craig H 3-22


Our first experience with an independent RV inspector. Dave definitely represented the industry well Very professional and thorough, quick responses and follow up.. Highly recommend him if your RV inspection needs are in his area.

Jim C 7-21


Dave was awesome. He did an amazing job letting us know everything about the toy hauler we were looking to buy. Highly recommended!

Ryan H 6-21


Dave was extremely professional. He kept me updated on every aspect of the inspection. He actually found an issue with the satellite antenna that saved me a lot of money because the dealership is fixing the problem. Thanks Dave.

Carl J 4-21

 I am new to RVing so I am nervous about purchasing a rig and anxious to learn more about them. Dave is very focused and detailed. If you spend the time with him on the inspection just let him work. He's quiet but will explain his findings. I spent 6 hours with him. At the end of the day I was satisfied with his inspection and I knew more about rigs and factors to consider when purchasing. I thought Dave was honest and forth-coming with information. I highly recommend him.

Tori S 4-12


I am very impressed with Dave's work. He was thoughtful and considerate while investigating sellers rig while they were occupying it. He identified a few maintenance items needing attention. He proactively traced fluid tests when the US was covered in ice/snow and delivery to the lab required extra effort. I needed a trained set of eyes to gain confidence in my purchase and Dave filled that role perfectly!

Larry S 2-21

Excellent, professional inspector. We couldn't have asked for more. He took the time to examine every nook and cranny. It definitely made us feel good about our purchase. We would have any new or used RV inspected by him. Peace of mind is worth the money.

d Wise 2-21


I really appreciate the inspection that was done for me. The contract and purchasing process was so easy and efficient. The professionalism and knowledge that Dave brought to the table was a major plus. I was about to purchase a pre-owned Class A, even though it was from a dealership I decided to have it independently inspected. I am so glad that I did. During his inspection he called me right away to tell me when he found structural damage due to what was possibly a long term leak from some broken seals. Being a first-time owner of an RV, I asked for guidance and information on potential repairs, etc. I ultimately did not purchase the RV. Later that day, I received a detailed inspection report with photos and videos of what was inspected. I would definitely recommend DJs to anyone looking to have their RV inspected before purchase.

Melissa S 12-2020


Hello Dave! 

Just wanted to take a moment to say once more how much Lynne & I appreciate you coming out last Sunday to rescue us. Thanks for helping us resolve the water pressure issue and the inverter mystery.  Above all, you catching the propane being accidentally turned on, on the stove and causing the co2/propane detector to go off, may well have prevented a life threatening situation.  It never dawned on us to check for a propane gas leak.  We kept thinking “malfunction.”  I think not being very familiar with the operations of a Class A was a bit overwhelming on our first time taking it out on the road  - and thus we just did not have the presence of mind to think to check the stove.   So you more than saved the day by going the extra mile(s) to help two RV’ers at wits-end on a Sunday.  


We will always remember your good deed to help 2 RV’ers far from home.   

Joe L  11-2020

Dave was courteous, professional, and very thorough for inspection of the Class A RV we were interested in purchasing. Also he was very patient in explaining his findings and answering my questions. We are very satisfied with Dave’s rv inspection and would highly recommend his service.

Joe L. 11-2020


Dave Kuiper is extremely knowledgeable and professional. His inspection services gave me the peace of mind I needed to purchase my used RV. As an added bonus, he even walked me through the RV explaining every concern I had and preventative maintenance measures. I highly recommend Dave’s inspection as a MUST before you make the choice to buy!

Jenn B 8-2020


Thank you, Dave Kuiper, for your invaluable assistance and guidance as we went thru the process of buying our RV in Grand Rapids. We asked you to do a thorough inspection on a Motorhome before we committed to purchase, as we reside 800 miles away. You went through the unit with a fine tooth comb and surfaced several critical areas of need, which were successfully resolved by the dealership. Your willingness to assist us as new RVers was immensely appreciated. We could not give a higher endorsement for your services. Wishing you all the best!

Rick P  8-2020


Extremely satisfied with the service I have received. Dave, the owner, is professional, organized, friendly and promptly answers any questions I had. He also uses the Homegauge software which is a plus. Would not hesitate to recommend DJs RV Services.

Wendy D 8-2020


Dave’s communication was amazing throughout our entire RV inspection process. He was so helpful, detailed, thorough, and professional. He noticed a major concern during our inspection and guided us through how to handle it. I’m so glad we chose to pay for an RV inspection and I would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone else for an inspection.

Kasie K 8-2020


Dave, Thank You, It was absolutely a pleasure to work with you on the inspection of our new RV. You were extremely helpful and answered every question we had through the entire process. The inspection was completed in a timely manner and ahead of your original time-frame, with the position we were in that was extremely helpful. I also appreciate your call leaving the facility to discuss findings and your depth on the subject. I am confident that of the 5 problems you found, the three electrical problems and the Air Conditioner would not have been caught by a standard PDI on arrival at a dealer. I would not think twice about using you or this program again and may even consider becoming an inspector myself. I have already sent the manufacturer the report and asked them to update the repairs on completion. Thanks Dave! Best Regards,

Michael H  4-2020


At the last minute I realized I needed/wanted an inspection for a long-distance-soon-to-be-purchased Class A motorhome. DJ's RV Services, was available on short notice and I have no regrets using their services. Dave was prompt, on time, easy to communicate with, and did what he said he would do including preparing a 50 page report and going over every detail, even paying special attention to certain other details I was most concerned about. When I picked up the vehicle, the dealer commented that he had never seen an inspector being so thorough nor spending as much time as Dave did (8+ hrs). Whatever Dave suggested needed attention, he worked with the dealer to discuss the issue and the dealer fixed it. My first MH purchase and I would of had no clue what to look for. Glad I did it and I would use DJ's RV Services again.

Lou R 11-2019


I was looking at buying a camper at a RV dealer in Grand Rapids but being 10+ hours away meant I would have to buy sight unseen. Everything looked great on the camper but before spending 25+ thousand I wanted to get a second opinion. Dave found multiple major issues that I would not have known to look for even if I inspected the camper in person and he documented everything with photos and/or videos. I was very impressed with the work done and would not hesitate to hire Dave again for an inspection. He saved me a whole lot of trouble by giving me an accurate picture of the camper I was looking at.

Timothy P 10-2019

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